I’m SGH.

You probably landed on this page by pure chance.

While you’re here, feel free to check out some of my projects.


Spoty is mostly a web-service.

It had been originally coded as a Twitch bot which provides control over a Spotify instance.

Over time it gained extra features, like integrations with Pokeapi and the Bingo Board features.

Spoty Stream is currently in closed beta and will likely NOT become public anytime soon.


luafcgid2 is a way to use server-side Lua scripts to generate webpages.

It had been originally developed by SnarkyClark but has been so strongly refined that I thought it was deserving of a new name.


LuaPP is a C++11 wrapper for Lua with very advanced class-wrapping features.

It’s a great way to quickly spin up a Lua state and integrate your functions in it.


GBAsic is a very quick way to set up a GBA development environment.

Note that, for the time being, this only works on Linux machines.


Feel free to check out whatever else I have in store on my GitHub profile.

Wanna send me an email? You can find me at sgh (at) s-gg.dev, altough I don’t check that mailbox very often.